Welcome from Linda A. Helin

As a versatile artisit/artisan, I enjoy drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, mixed media, conceptual work, anatomical sketches, crafts, and garment making. Various materials are incorporated into my pieces, including wood, metal, hide, felt, beads, and items I find in nature (birch bark, porcupine quills & hair, leaves, feathers, horse hair, fish scales, and rocks, to name a few). I do something creative every day.

Another passion of mine is writing about historical accounts and activities, how-to books, short personal stories, poetry, my own biography, and conceptual ideas. My writings are often accompanied by my sketches and photographs. I write every day.

I completed four years of formal art studies at the University of Guelph, followed by one year at the Alberta College of Art. Creativity was something I entered this world with. At the age of four, I used paper shopping bags to draw on, and by seven years of age I wrote my first story. I learned crafts from my grandmother and sewed my own unique clothes at the age of fourteen. My work has been exhibited in art shows since 1970, with awards in drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, and crafts. In addition, I was commissioned to complete six large drawings for former residential school students, and have completed numerous portrait paintings and drawings for individuals.

All of my work is original and one-of-a-kind, although I may incorporate used items into a piece. No prints or copies are made by me. My creative work is completed with both integrity and joy.

Creative activity is a driving force to all I do in my life, and imagination is my guide to the unknown. A sense of satisfaction, mixed with questions left to ponder, is what I hope you experience from viewing my work!

If you wish to view my work in person you are most welcome to do so. I have a display of over twenty pieces of my work available. Please email me if you are interested. Check display here