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Title: Fish Tales
Drawing on birch bark acrylic,
photos, fish scales 28" X 22"
$600.00 plus shipping & handling
Horse Tales
Title: Horse Tales
Pencil, drawing on birch bark
photos, horse hair, feathers, 28" X 22"
$600.00 plus shipping & handling
Blue Heaven
Title: Blue Heaven
Photo and natural butterfly
15" X 13" framed
$300.00 plus shipping & handling
Title: Shape Shifting
Drawing on birch bark,photo,
horse hair, deer rawhide, 29" X 23" framed.
$600.00 plus shipping & handling
Glimpse of the Spirit World
Title: Glimpse of the Spirit World
Drawing on birch bark, feathers, shells,
horse hair, deer hide, cotton,
21.5" X 25.5" framed.
$500.00 plus shipping & handling
Four Races of Women
Title: Four Races of Women
Drawing on birch bark and pine cherry
bark rock, coloured pencils,
acrylic paint,16" x 18" framed
$400.00 plus shipping & handling